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Name: H582 Violetta H582 Violetta
Age (dd/mm/yy) : 29 (21/02/88)
Height : 176 cm (5' 9")
Weight : 56 kg (123 lbs)
Hair : Brown
Eyes : Blue
Profession : Student
Residence : Krasnodar Russia
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Language : Some English
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H582 Violetta Status : Single
Kids : None
Education : University
Zodiac : Pisces
Religion : Christian
Smoker : No
Sports : roller-skating
Interest : reading, dancing, movies
Preferences- -in a man:
Age Range :
Kids : No
Height :
Religion : Any
Character : understanding, caring, intelligent

" I am looking for you. My name is Violetta. I'm a lively, witty and nice. I would like to meet an equally honest and attractive man who might be interested in some of these things; live modern music gigs, reading books, lots of cinema, dancing, late night wandering home and late night conversations. "

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