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Dear A Pretty Woman agency.

Thank you for writing to me and your interest in my destiny. I am very happy thanks to you, although,I did not hope for success much when I placed my profile on your site. But I had a dream and a hope to find a friend.

I have sent the photo and the letter tp your agency about two years ago. I got some letters from foreign men, but I didn't have a long correspondence.

My English was very poor. Then I didn't get any letters for a long time and I decided, that I shall not hope more. I was already going to remove the data from your agency.

Then I received a letter from Jeff. The letter was very positive. I had to answer. Soon Jeff called me. I was very worried and confused English words. It was my first experience of telephone conversation in English. Jeff still recollects this conversation my profile stated that my English was poor, but he couldn't even assume it was so poor.We preferred to correspond by e-mail.

Jeff wrote often, my English has become much and much better. Our relationships have become stronger, we could not spend a day without writing a letter tp each other.

Jeff used to send me flowers on the holidays for my pleasure and my girlfriends' surprise. The first visit to his country was short- only one week. It was a stress for me.

First thing- I never been in Europe before that, the second thing- I was very worried about the impression I would make on Jeff and, the third thing- whether Jeff would be the person I imagined. As you can guess, everything was perfect: my impressions about Spain where Jeff lives now and Jeff, and even I was sociable, charming, interesting and attractive.

I have returned home being a self-assured woman with a positive future. We wanted to be together. Once Jeff has presented me a wedding ring. It was like in a fairy tale (but it was real!). We have settled the day of our wedding, have invited relatives and friends.

We have got married on the 4th of March,2006. Now we live together in Spain. We went to Belarus to introduce Jeff to my sons and grandsons. This trip was very interesting for Jeff, as he has never been in Belarus. We have just returned from England where we stayed with Jeff's sons and grandsons. Our children are happy that we are together. I am 58 years old now. Jeff is 65 years old.

I could never believe, that I would find a husband I could only dream about. Jeff it absolutely happy with me, he says that has begun a new life. We spend time together, plan our future. We love each other. We thank A Pretty Woman company for helping us.

Larissa and Jeff.

P.S. All events are real and if it is necessary I can send official documents..

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