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Hello Steve!
How are you? I have some wonderful news for you....I am very pleased to anounce Mr. and Mrs. Jones! Svetlana and I were married on Tuesday August 12th. at 5:00PM! Again, I have your wonderful service to thank for bringing us together and touching both of our lives.

Many, Many Thanks,
Fred and Svetlana

Several months later....

Hello again Steve,

Thank you so very much for your kind words and letter. Svetlana and I are very happy and we both thank you very deeply for your services. Yes, please feel free to post our Wedding certificate and the enclosed pictures on your web site.

You can count on hearing from us now and then, and I hope to hear from you too. I think this is a wonderful way to find someone! Yes, we both have overcome many obstacles to get this far, but it is worth every penny and every minute. Nowhere else in the World have I met such wonderful people as in Russia.

Svetlana and I also toast you tonight for your help and insight.

Many Thanks,
Fred and Svetlana

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Hello! I'm a nice woman with blue eyes, pleasant smile and optimistic character. I am a joyful, responsible, independent and tender, with good sense of humor lady.

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